Get Practice Fusion Electronic Health Record App Instantly

Practice Fusion is a type of software, which is developed to maintain the health records of patients. It is a free electronic health record available as software to physicians. It holds some information’s about the patients like patient’s medical and diagnostic history, records of lab tests, immunization records and growth charts. It is designed in order to maintain a patient prescription history, drug information, and dosage instructions.

Practice Fusion is the fastest and better growing electronic health record community in the country.  Having more than 1, 50,000 users and this software serve 50 million patients. The main motto of this electronic health record is to maintain the doctor-patient relationship.

  • Paper records are severely limited
  • Need for improved efficiency and productivity
  • Quality of care and patient safety
  • Public expectations
  • Governmental expectations
  • Financial savings
  • Technological advances
  • Need for aggregated data
  • Need for integrated data
  • Need for coordinated care

With the help of this latest technology, many of the health care professionals securely access their EHR records. Since it a meaningful process, it can compete with the real world technology. Due to its continuity and functionality, it is applicable for PC, iOS and Android platform. Moreover, practice fusion login is simple and free to use. It does not need any special training for the implementation process. Also, it does require monthly fees for the login process.  

Need for Electronic Health Records (EHR):

It is widely used and agreed software on health records; finds applications in multiple areas. The aim is to maintain the patient details and information’s which are available and can be seen by anyone. It is designed for the purpose of who needs it, when they need it and where they need it. With this health record, lab results can be recovered more quickly, and thus saving time and money. Here are some of the benefits of Practice fusion,

  • Time savings
  • Convenience
  • Ease of communication
  • Safer prescribing
  • Improved care coordination

The software is designed in order to build relationships with some medical professionals, service providers, analysts, and patients. The main goal is to attain the customer satisfaction and you can get counseling anytime once you logged the page. The inclusion of patients record in the system is the major point and it can be accessed anywhere only you need Smartphone. One can view and get the best results of the check-up the process with the help of this smart software. The EHR allows for faster processing, immediate pharmacy submission for the patients.  You can enhance the visibility and functionality over the prescribed prescriptions that the patients are taking.

Advantages of EHR solutions:

Improved health record management process helps in the desired way in order to  integrate scheduling systems and process. The link provided directly precedes the progress notes, automates coding, and managed claims. Time management is fully centralized and processed for the chart management, condition-specific queries, and many more.

  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Easy to install
  • Customizable
  • Easy to rely on
  • Economical
  • Enhanced communication

Choose the Right EHR Solution:

Do you want to maintain health records? Still, doctors need human supports in order to ensure and maintain the patient’s record in a form of paperless solutions in a productive and stress-free manner. Paper-based health record will provide only 76% of the health but with the help of this electronic health record, the maintenance of the report can be achieved more promptly and efficiently. EHR helps to recover the lab results and it saves time and money. You can directly enter the results and information’s and accessible by the medical practice.

Managing your health practice with an EHR system helps to provide the convenience and compatibility of centralized chart management. With this smart technology, you can get access to patient records using any device, anywhere and at any time. Productivity can be achieved with the help of Practice Fusion. As communication can also be increased with other medical professionals such as diagnostics centers, pharmacies, and insurance providers are linked within one system. This facility facilitates more efficient and standard communication with lost messages and emails.

Practice Fusion Login Process:

In order to access the services of Practice Fusion, you can consider the practice fusion login option which directly connected into electronic health record platform for doctors and patients. You can get clear about the following things with the help of this smart software like intuitive charting, e-prescription, and streamline the process.

With the help of Practice Fusion, you can capable to get EHR products. They also provide information under practical solutions and practice resource centers. EHR products included in order to get records, electronic prescribing, labs, and imaging. In a similar manner, you can also able to access the services of practice resource centers, e-prescribing, patient engagement, and practice management.

  • Visit the official website and the main page will display on the screen.
  • Then, the user must enter the User ID and Password
  • Then enter the login button
  • Finally, the EHR page will open.
  • Enter the necessary details

However, Practice Fusion health record facilitates the user to access the health chart from anywhere with the help of a computer or tablet or mobile device. You can also rapidly follow the patient health data, health records and view historic lab results with Quickpayportal customizable flow sheets. It can also reduce the faxing and scanning process. Also sending lab results and imaging orders you can view the results electronically. With leading and advance practice management and patient engagement tools, you can able to spend less amount of time on the basis of administrative tasks and more importantly on patient care. With the help of the dashboards, you can view and track the progress of the patient and get help whenever you are ready to attest.

Features of EHR:

  • E-prescribing
  • Scheduling
  • Intuitive charting
  • Billing
  • Personal health record for patients
  • Lab integrations
  • Prescribing
  • Eligibility checks