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Publix PASSport login

Publix is a supermarket chain based out of Florida, United States and is officially known as Publix Super Markets, Inc. If you are an existing employee of Publix or are looking forward to work for the company soon, then the Portal, also known as Publix PASSport, is a website that you should know about.

Publix PASSport is the official employee portal of the Publix supermarket chain and in this article, we will be providing all the information you should know about portal as an existing or future employee of the company.

What is Publix PASSport?

As we mentioned above, the Publix PASSport portal is a website that is designed to be exclusively accessed by the employees of the Publix company and no one else. Each employee of the Publix company will be provided with a unique Publix username and password that they can use in order to login to the Publix PASSport online portal.

Once logged into a personal profile, a Publix employee can view all the information related to their employment within the website. Apart from that, workers at Publix stores and offices can view their future workday schedules on the website as well. Publix PASSport is also the online destination where employees of the company can view details related to their paycheck and allowances that they receive from the company.

If employees wish to apply for leave, ask for benefits, or contact the Publix HR (Human Resource) department for any reason, then they can do the same with the Publix PASSport website. This means that employees can save their own time by accessing the Publix PASSport website for various common tasks instead of personally visiting a Publix HR office and getting the issue sorted.

What Are the Publix PASSport Benefits?

Once you have a personal Publix PASSport login account, then there are several benefits that you can enjoy with the portal that is related to your employment with the company. In this section, we will be taking a look at some of the best Publix PASSport benefits that employees can enjoy after completing the Publix PASSport login procedures.

  • View details related to your health plans such as dental and vision plans.
  • Check out your payslip details including overtime pay details and monthly payment details.
  • If you own any Publix shares, then you can view details related to the shares trading within this platform. Moreover, you can also buy additional shares of Publix supermarkets using the Publix PASSport portal.
  • Add details of your savings or checking account so that the payslip you receive from Publix is directly deposited to your bank account without having to face any sort of hassles.
  • View details related to your credit union membership. This allows you to acquire any perks or benefits related to your credit union membership and also renew the membership whenever required.
  • If you are a student who works as Publix supermarkets, then you can get tuition reimbursements from the company to supplement your paycheck, thus working as an addition to supplement your educational expenses.
  • You can view all the details related to your 401(k) retirement savings plan.
  • There are several employee assistance programs conducted by Publix Supermarkets, Inc., whose further details can be accessed within the Publix PASSport portal.
  • The company also provides free flu shots to its employees to keep the working atmosphere and customers safe from any health hazards. You can view information about flu shot campaigns and register yourself for the next campaign using this website.

And more. Developers of the Publix PASSport website regularly updates the website to incorporate more features into the portal that makes it useful and efficient to the employees of the company.

How to Complete Publix PASSport Registration [ Publix PASSport First Time Login]?

Registration for your Publix PASSport account needs to be done by the HR department of the store that you are working at. Therefore, if you are an employee performing Publix PASSport first time login, then you should contact the Publix HR team before visiting the Publix PASSport portal. This is because the PASSport portal does not offer a registration option for Publix PASSport first time login users.

How to Perform Publix PASSport Login [Publix PASSport Login Portal Access]?

If you have the Publix PASSport first time login details ready with you, then below are the steps to follow to perform Publix PASSport login without any hassles.

  • Visit the official Publix PASSport login page by clicking here.
  • When the web page loads completely, you will be able to see two text fields to enter the username and password respectively. Enter a valid username and password associated with your Publix PASSport account in the respective text fields provided.
  •  After entering the credentials, click on the green-colored “Login” button to complete the Publix PASSport login procedure.

Provided that you entered a valid username and password, you should now be able to access your personal Publix PASSport online profile.

How to Reset Publix PASSport Login Password?

Below are the steps to follow if you forgot your Publix PASSport login password and wish to reset the same.

  1. Click here and visit PASSport login page.
  2. Click on the text that says “Forgot Password?” located below the green-colored login button.
  3. In the web page that now loads up, enter the user ID that is associated with your PASSport account.
  4. You will now have to provide answers to a few questions within the web page.
  5. If you manage to answer all the provided questions correctly, then you will then be provided with the further steps to reset your Publix PASSport login password.

What is the Publix PASSport Customer Service Number?

For any trouble that you may face regarding the PASSport online employee portal and Quickpayportal, it is best to contact the HR team of the company.

The phone number of Publix HR Department that handles the Publix PASSport portal is 1-(863)-688-7407 with the extension 52108. You can call this number from Monday till Friday at any time between 8 AM and 4:30 PM.

For any issues that you may be facing as a employee, then you can contact the Publix Employee Issues Department by dialing 1-800-226-9588 any time between 8 AM and 4:30 PM on all days between Monday till Friday.