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TDCardServices is a feature that every account holder of the TD Bank who also avails credit card services from the bank should know about. The official TDCardServices platform can be accessed by visiting the URL and after login, users can easily manage their TD Bank account, pay pending bills, view reward points, and redeem vouchers and other discounts for eligible reward points.

About TD Bank

Toronto-Dominion Bank, or TD Bank, is a multinational bank with its headquarters located in Toronto, Canada. The bank was founded back in 1955 and was formed as a merger of two banks: The Dominion Bank and Bank of Toronto.

With over $1.2 trillion CAD in total assets, over 85,000 employees, above 1,150 branches, and more than 22 million clients globally, the TD Bank is ranked at 26th position in the list of largest banks in the world.

What is the TDCardServices Website?

TDCardServices is an official portal developed and maintained by the TD Bank. The website, which can be accessed by visiting, gives TD Bank account holders and credit card owners to view their profile information, account balance, amount transfer details, etc., within the portal.

Apart from that, the TDCardServices platform can be used to settle credit card bills, make payments to other merchants, view the pending TDCardServices rewards, and also claim TDCardservices rewards for any offers or other perks that are valuable for the number of points that have been accumulated in your account.

How to Set up New TDCardServices Account [ Register]?

Even if you are an existing TD Bank customer or owner of a TD Bank credit card, you need to set up a new TDCardServices account by following the register procedures to be able to access and utilize all the features provided by the platform.

If you are unaware of how to complete the register process, below are the steps you need to follow.

  1. Visit the official register web page by clicking here.
  2. Enter the number printed on your TD Bank credit card.
  3. Click on the “Continue” button.
  4. Enter the details such as your SSN, TD Bank account number, date of birth, zip, code, security code, and the name printed on your credit card.
  5. After entering all the details, click on the “Verify Account” button.
  6. Proceed with the further steps, if any, that are displayed on the screen.
  7. Once you complete all the necessary steps, you will be provided with the username and password.

How to Complete Login []?

After completing the steps of the register, you need to complete the login to get access to your myTDCardServices account. Here’s how you can do the same:

  1. Visit on your preferred web browser.
  2. Enter the username and password associated with your account in the respective text fields provided.
  3. After entering the login details, click on the “Log in” button.

And that is it. Provided that you entered a valid username and password, you should now get complete access to your myTDCardServices account.

How to Redeem TDCardServices Rewards?

TDCardServices rewards are also known as TD Bank credit card rewards. The TDCardServices rewards represent the points that the TD Bank credit to your bank for every transaction you complete using any TD Bank credit card.

You can directly redeem TDCardServices rewards by visiting the official website or by dialing 1-888-561-8861, which is the TDCardServices number.

You can redeem TDCardServices rewards via TDCardServices number or through the website if you are the primary holder of the credit card and also if you have accumulated $25 worth of points in your account.

Even though you can redeem the TDCardServices reward points anytime for eligible purchases and services, only if you have $25 or multiples of $25 worth of reward points in your account then you can get the amount as statement credit without having to make purchases to redeem the points.

What is the TD Card Services Mobile App?

Official TDCardServices app is available for both Android and iOS operating systems so that users can manage their accounts, make payments, and get access to all their account functions and features right within the comforts of their smartphone or tablet.

Using the TD Card Services mobile app, you can do the following tasks:

  • Add new biller, schedule the payments, and view past payment records.
  • Check the account balance, transfer money to other accounts, and pay bills instantly.
  • Deposit money to your account on the go.
  • Schedule fund transfers that are supposed to be processed on a later date.

The TDCardServices mobile app is also highly secure Quickpayportal as it uses fingerprint authentication to provide access to authorized users only. This means that none other than yourself will be able to access your TDCardServices account.

What is TDCardServices Number [TD Bank Customer Care Number]?

For any queries or concerns you have regarding TDCardServices or your TD Bank account, below are the different TDCardServices numbers you can contact and get a prompt response.

  • TD Bank Credit Card Queries: 1-800-983-8472.
  • TD Bank EasyLine Telephone Banking: 1-866-895-4463.
  • TD Bank EasyWeb Support/Personal Bank Accounts/Mutual Funds: 1-866-222-3456.
  • TD Bank Customer Care for customers outside North America: IAC-800-222-3456-1 (IAC: International Access Code of the country).
  • TD Bank Mortgage Specialist: 1-800-722-3098.
  • TD Bank Direct Investing: 1-800-465-5463 or 1-416-982-7686.
  • TD Bank Wealth: 1-866-646-7888.
  • TD Bank Travel Medical Insurance: 1-800-293-4941.
  • TD Bank Web Business Banking Support: 1-800-668-7328.
  • TD Bank Auto Finance: 1-866-694-4392.
  • TD Bank Merchant Solutions: 1-800-363-1163.

All TDCardServices phone numbers are active from 8:00 AM till 8:00 PM from Monday till Friday.

You can get more insights on the various modes of contact for different TD Bank queries by visiting the official TD Bank Contact US page.

How to Recover TDCardServices Username/Password?

If you forgot the username or password of your TDCardServices account, then below is how you can recover the same.

  1. Click here and visit the TDCardServices forgot username/password recovery page.
  2. Enter the number of your TD Bank credit card that is linked with your TDCardservices account.
  3. Click on the green-colored “Continue” button.
  4. Proceed with the on-screen instructions.

And now you should be able to recover/reset your TDCardservices username or password.