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Thedoctorbill [], also known as PhysicianBillPay [], is an online portal that is now widely used in most hospitals. Bill payments are one of the worst activities that people hate, and when considering bill payments in a hospital, where there will definitely be big queues in front of the bill payment counters, the task of paying bills is quite a hectic one.

Well, thanks to the immense progress in technology, hospitals everywhere now utilize a platform known as thedoctorbill, using which patients can make their hospital bill payments online without any hassles or having to wait in queues.

If you are someone who has not used thedoctorbill portal before and want to know more about it in order to make medical bill payments online through thedoctorbill, then today we are here with a detailed guide on thedoctorbill portal to give you all the insights you need to have before using the website to pay hospital bills online.

What is TheDoctorBill? is a website that is specifically designed to make hospital bill payments an easy task. By utilizing thedoctorbill platform, people visiting hospitals can easily clear off their pending bills easily without having to wait in bill payment queues even for a second.

So, how does thedoctorbill portal work?

Well, whenever you visit a hospital and generate a bill, the billing section of the hospital you visited will add the same bill into the portal known as After the bill is entered by the hospital, they will provide you with an account number for a specific account of thedoctorbill portal.

You, as a customer, have to visit thedoctorbill website and enter the account number that is provided to you by the hospital. Another information that you need to enter along with the account number is your date of birth in mm/dd/yyyy format. The date of birth should be the same one that you had given while registering your patient profile with the hospital.

It is important to give the correct date of birth to the hospital while creating your patient profile as the same detail will be entered by the hospital to thedoctorbill portal. The website will then ask you for the date of birth, and if you enter the same date of birth detail that you provided to the hospital, only then will your account be successfully verified and you be given the information on the pending bill to pay and how to pay it.

Features of TheDoctorBill Portal

If you wish to understand more details of thedoctorbill portal, we have listed some of the key features of the portal that makes it ideal to make hospital bill payments online.

  • Unique Payment Account for Each Customer: Each customer of a hospital is given a unique account number that is verified with their date of birth as well. This makes sure that all customers get access to their own payment profile only.
  • Support for English and Spanish: There is support for both English and Spanish language within thedoctorbill portal. Therefore, if English is not your preferred language on a website, you can easily switch to Spanish without any hassles.
  • Safe Payment Transactions: All the payment transactions that are done within thedoctorbill portal are completely safe and secure. Any payment information that you enter on the portal while processing the payment will be completely safeguarded against any online threats.
  • Quick Processing: Once you successfully process a bill payment using thedoctorbill portal, the payment is instantly processed and the amount is credited to the hospital’s bank account, thus removing any payment processing delays.

What is PhysicianBillPay?

Nowadays people are very curious about the physicianbillpay portal as well. This is because recently when many users have been searching online for thedoctorbill portal, they have been redirected to the physicianbill pay portal at website.

The reason for this is that recently, thedoctorbill portal was renamed as the physicianbillpay portal. This means that if you try to access, then the website will automatically get redirected to

Therefore, you need not worry if your web browser redirects you to, as it is the renamed new version of

Is Legit?

Whether is legit or not is another query that most first time users of thedoctorbill have in their minds.

Well, if you are also a first time user of and have a question in your mind about whether is legit or not, then you need not worry at all.

Thedoctorbill is a completely legit website for processing hospital payments online and lots of popular hospitals everywhere have been shifting to use thedoctorbill portal recently as it is more convenient not only for the patients but also for the hospital as well.

Utilizing portal allows hospitals to reduce the long queues in front of the billing section and for customers, the need for waiting a long time in line to pay hospital bills is also not needed anymore.

How to Pay Bills Using TheDoctorBill Portal [ Pay Bill]?

Now that you know in detail about payment portal, below we have listed down the steps you need to follow to pay hospital bills using thedoctorbill website.

  1. First of all, visit the legit thedoctorbill website by clicking here.
  2. When the web page loads up completely, you will be able to see a text field to enter an account number and another text field to enter a date of birth.
  3. In the text field to enter the account number, enter the account number that is printed on the top right corner of your hospital billing statement.
  4. In the text field to enter the date of birth, enter your DOB in the mm/dd/yyyy format.
  5. Click on the “login” button.
  6. Wait for the successful login to your thedoctorbill account.
  7. After logging in successfully, you will be able to view the pending bill that is registered on your bill statement account number.
  8. Click on the “Pay Now” button to proceed with the payment.
  9. Enter the payment details to proceed with the payment.
  10. After successfully finishing the payment procedures, you will be able to view/print the receipt of your payment.

And that is all. You have successfully completed thedoctorbill and Quickpayportal login procedures and also paid your hospital bill online through thedoctorbill portal.